So, we were having this discussion on Twitter about whether the job of a Deputy Head Teacher is more difficult than the job of a Head (#tuff4deps – come and join in!). So, is it?

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind, I’m sure, that a Head Teacher’s job is very difficult; the buck stops here, if you will, on all school issues: safeguarding, health and safety, learning, teaching (no, they’re not third and fourth on the list for any reason!), etc. That’s a given. But what about in general day-to-day stuff? Do deputies have it harder?

Many will argue that they do. It can be that difficult no-man’s-land between the Head and the rest of the staff and many’s the time, I’m sure you’ll agree, where that is not a particularly great place to be – sometimes you can’t do right for doing wrong! But there’s more than that, obviously. There can be a lot of jobs given to Deputies that, dare I say it, the Head doesn’t want/can’t find the time to do. This can be an extra workload on top of a teaching commitment and their regular commitments. Lots going on.

Many Head Teachers will say that being a Head is easier than being a Deputy – what do you think?