Month: February 2016


As I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t blog very often (BIG understatement there). I know I should, and it’s always on my list of things to do more of. But I haven’t got there yet! However, this post is different. This is the one that has the possibility of causing a big, no huge, nay seismic, change. And that’s why I’m writing this now. Marking. Most probably the one thing that teachers say takes up the most amount of time. If you add up the hours spent marking books there’s no way that amount of time has the impact for...

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Did some INSET training today at the Nexus partnership of 6 schools from the Bristol area. I was very well looked after and very well challenged when I put forward my views on marking – that I thought it was a waste of time! The challenge was good though…really made me think about whether what I thought, and what we were trialing at school, was right. And it convinced me even more that I am! I’ll have to blog about this marking lark soon...

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