Month: May 2011

Google Squared

Google Squared is one of those beta ideas made by Google Labs. It’s a different way of searching for things which shows your results organised into rows and columns. Here’s an example for the search ‘dog breeds‘. As you can see, this makes search results much better in certain cases, especially when searching for a ‘group’ of items. We take for granted sometimes that children can search effectively, even though ‘to Google’ is a verb integral to their language. By using Google Squared the results of the search are structured in a much better way. However, sometimes there will...

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Teaching Ideas Mindmap

This is a pretty useful resource – an online mindmap that has many, many links for activities in different subjects. It’s easy to use and, from the resources I looked at, quite handy to keep bookmarked. Teaching Ideas...

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Children’s book archive

In this world of ever-changing, fast-moving digital resources and gadgets, it’s refreshing every now and again to come across something that’s a throw back to the old days. is just that.I spent quite a while looking through its vast library of books all of which are out of copyright so now free for everyone. They are all readable in a browser or downloadable (that really doesn’t look like a word?!) in a variety of different formats. This means they can all be read on a number of different e-readers, be that Kindle, iPad, smartphone or other dedicated ebook...

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Super Teacher Tools

All sorts of goodies on this site, from the ever-popular ‘Jeopardy Review Game’ to ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ and even a seating generator. Well worth a look and a play around. Super Teacher...

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Classtools Puzzle Generator

Classtools is a pretty good website that allows you to use different game templates for creat all sorts of fun activities for your class. It’s the home of the Countdown timer and the Random Word Picker. Good stuff....

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