Month: February 2011

Secondary schools NEED red-brick graduates? Really??

Today (3rd February) Lord Adonis (the former schools minister) has stated that all secondary schools, if they are to have a hope of sending their students to top universities, must have graduates from those universities on their teaching staff. Otherwise, you may as well not bother because you’re never going to be able to inspire students to go to those universities if you have no experience of them yourself. He was taught by a teacher who went to Oxford, who, in turn, inspired him to go there too. So there you have it. In order to get into Oxford,...

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Disposable webpage

Great idea this. Set up a webpage that works on a timer – when the timer is up, the webpage disappears! Great for building up excitement for an event. You have complete control over content etc. And it’s...

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Another link from the ‘Outstanding Teaching‘ list. BrainNook is a virtual world where children can practise their Maths and English skills. It provides scenarios that children have to complete in order to earn coins and badges. It’s quite good actually! Looks to be safe; parents are asked to sign their children...

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