How to be an Outstanding Primary School Teacher.

This is the first book in the ‘Outstanding’ series and I’m very excited about it! It covers all areas of classroom practice that are required in order for your teaching to become outstanding. It is packed with useful ideas and activities for you to use straight away in your classroom.

Chapters include:

  • Outstanding…Planning
  • Outstanding…Relationships
  • Outstanding…Assessment for Learning
  • Outstanding…Differentiation
  • Outstanding…Personalised Learning
  • Outstanding…Questioning

…and many more!

“This book contains many excellent, practical, and often fun ideas to stimulate pupils’ learning and it is written in an encouraging and cheerful style which carries the reader along. Over many years in the classroom, David Dunn has experimented with many teaching tactics and ideas and shares his successes, and failures, with his audience. It will be a very useful reference book for all teachers, particularly those who are new to the profession.”

Claire Gillies, ‘From Good to Outstanding’, Teachers TV

“David Dunn has written a highly challenging and yet supportive text for primary school professionals. His book surveys all the essential elements of high quality professional practice and explores, in a practical and purposeful way, strategies to help move teachers to the highest levels of professional practice. This book will be a powerful resource for personal reflection and planning, as a support for performance management and as the basis of shared professional learning and development.”

John West-Burnham, Professor of Educational Leadership at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham.

“This book has all the ingredients you need to deliver an outstanding lesson in the context of twenty first century education. Read it carefully, use it with rigour and then add your own passion personality and flair. The outcome will be outstanding teachers and outstanding learners.” Will Ryan, Primary Education Consultant

“A great read, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really well written and coming from the right place pedagogically – and full of common sense!” Alan Peat, International Education Consultant.