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Gina Ford Interview

Well, this was something new for me – an interview by Gina Ford – the lady who knows a thing or two about kids! Here’s her website: Just a few questions answered, but enjoyable nonetheless. Have a look here:...

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Is it tougher for Deputy Head Teachers?

So, we were having this discussion on Twitter about whether the job of a Deputy Head Teacher is more difficult than the job of a Head (#tuff4deps – come and join in!). So, is it? There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind, I’m sure, that a Head Teacher’s job is very difficult; the buck stops here, if you will, on all school issues: safeguarding, health and safety, learning, teaching (no, they’re not third and fourth on the list for any reason!), etc. That’s a given. But what about in general day-to-day stuff? Do deputies have it harder? Many will argue...

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Self-evaluation checklist

A self-evaluation checklist as mentioned in the book. It is not meant to be the be-all-and-end-all for your teaching, but is meant to be used as a template for the basic ingredients of outstanding teaching....

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